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Screen Printing

At Universal, we have over twenty five years of experience and expertise in screen printing. If you can name it, we've probably printed on it, even waterproof raincoats are no match for our expert printers. From one color to full-color, left breast to sleeves we can do it all.

Screen printing and silk screening are different names for the same process. It is a method for putting painted designs on fabric and other surfaces. The image is imposed on a screen and blank areas are coated with an impermeable substance. Inks are forced through the mesh onto the fabric. Each color is on a separate screen and is printed onto the surface one at a time to make up the complete design.

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Embroidery is fast becoming the industry standard for dress down corporate apparel as well as an upscale addition to employee uniforms, sport team uniforms, and retail lines.  Embroidery offers endless possibilities for creative colors and designs, allowing casual  clothing to be integrated with your company identity.

Your custom logos or artwork can be reproduced. The process of reproducing your  images is known as digitizing. Digitizing is the transfer of your design into a language  understandable to the embroidery machine. We can create custom artwork or adapt your logo/design for application to the garment of your choice.

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Team Packages

At Universal we know that in today's fast-paced world, anything that you can do to save some time is immensely valuable. We're proud to do our part in helping you save time by offering our full-service team packages complete with design, on-site sizing, decoration, personalization, and packaging.

Anyone who's ever coached a youth team knows what a headache it can be handing out the custom uniforms, jackets, and other sportswear that the team has ordered. Somebody grabs the wrong size and suddenly the orderly system you had envisioned turns into chaos. At Universal, we can prevent this nightmare for you by carefully separating the products out into individual orders before they ever reach the field.

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Graphic Design

Decorating your chosen product with your custom design would be impossible without well-prepared artwork to print your product with. Our team of graphic artists use professional tools to clean up, or in many cases carefully recreate, your design so that your design prints with crisp, clean details.

Most people are familiar with image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, or GIF which are what are known as bitmap or raster graphics. At Universal, we work with image formats such as AI, EPS, or CDR which contain vector graphics. Vector graphics have the benefit of being infinitely scalable, either up or down, with no loss of detail which allows your design to be printed at virtually any size you can imagine.

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